Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's been fun!

Sorry y'all, but I really don't have the time to update this anymore, so we'll call it a day. I don't really have anything eloquent to say, so I'll leave it at that. Bye.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

A.S.T.R.O. - The Shaped Lines (Screamo)
Adorno - Year One (Screamo)
Adorno/End Of A Year/SynError - Split (Screamo)
Akephal - Kopflos (Emo Violence)
Anemone - Sedens Brdor (Screamo)
Archives - Summer Demo (Screamo)
Audience Of One - I Remember When This All Meant Something (Screamo)

Battle Of Wolf 359 - Tour CD (Screamo)
Bear And The Butterfly - S/T (Screamo)
The Black Heart Rebellion - Monologue (Screamo/Post-Rock)
The Blue Letter - Prima Facie (Screamo/Post-Rock)
The Blue Letter - Tour CD (Screamo/Post-Rock)
Bokanovsky - S/T (Emo Violence)
Brume Retina - Linaire Des Libres (Screamo)
Burn Her Letters - Diffusion (Screamo)

A Case Of Grenada - The Evidence (Screamo)
The Caution Children - S/T EP (Screamo/Post-Rock)
The Caution Children - Vacations (Screamo/Post-Rock)
Celeste - Pessimiste(s) (Screamo)
Chinese Dama - S/T 7" (Screamo)
Craneo - Le Diabolique Cancan (Emo Violence)
Cream Abdul Babar/Kylesa - Split (Sludge)

Dahmer - Discography (Grind)
Daïtro - Des Cendres, Je Me Consumme (Screamo)
Daïtro - US Tour (Screamo)
Dancing On Debris - S/T (Screamo)
Danton - Demo (Screamo)
Deleometer - Rotation Um Die Ich Achse (Screamo)
Dimitrij - Words-Objects (Screamo)
Ding Dong Dead - Tour EP (Screamo)
Dying In Motion - Wie Wir Laut Sind (Screamo)

Efra - Crixa EP (Screamo)
Endzweck - Strange Love (Screamo)
Envy - A Dead Sinking Story (Screamo)
Eyes Of Verotika - Maps Of Heroes (Screamo)

Findel - Enter The Shadowlands (Synth Pop)
A Flower Kollapsed - Brown Recluse (Emo Violence)
Forasmile - S/T EP (Screamo)
Force Fed Glass - When Backs Are Turned, Knives Are Pulled (Emo Violence)
Fujicolor - S/T CDR (Emo Violence)

Gas Chamber Melodies - S/T (Emo Violence)
Gauge Means Nothing - The Absent Trail Of An Echo And My Future Plagued By Surrender (Screamo)
Gone With The Pain - La Ideología del Vacío (Emo Violence)
Grade - Such Is Progress (Screamo)

Helen Of Troy - The Face That Launched A Thousand Ships (Screamo)
The Hope And The Failure - The Lights Are On But This Dance Never Ends (Screamo)

I Create - All We Are Is Now (Screamo)
Intronaut - The Challenger (Sludge)
It.Is.Imperative - Demo (Screamo)
It.Is.Imperative - Immer Weiter Und Weiter (Screamo)

Jeer At Rome - Demo (Screamo)
Juliette - Frome Somewhere In The East (Screamo)
June Paik - LP (Screamo)
June Paik - S/T 10" (Screamo)

Kayo Dot - Choirs Of The Eye (Avante Garde)
Kias Fansuri - Dua Tahun Pertama (Emo Violence)
Killie - Don't Want To Escape From The Underground (Emo Violence)
Killie - Offering A Sacrifice That Presents And Indicates Mournful Resentment Of Today (Emo Violence)

La Quiete - La Fine Non E La Fine (Screamo)
Le Pre Ou Je Suis Mort - S/T (Screamo)
Light The Fuse And Run/Transistor Transistor - Split (Screamo)

Madame De Montespan - 1667-1690 (Screamo)
Madame De Montespan - Epilogue D'Un Désastre (Screamo)
Magdalene - Demo (Screamo/Post-Rock)
Magdalene - S/T (Screamo/Post-Rock)
Malevolentia - Demo (Screamo)
Maths - MMVII (Screamo)
May - Trialogue (Screamo)
Meet Me In St. Louis - Variations On Swing (Indie)
Men As Trees - Winter Tour Demo (Screamo)
Mesa Verde - The Old Road LP (Screamo)
Michael Ian Black - I am A Wonderful Man (Comedy)
Michael Showalter - Sandwiches And Cats (Comedy)
Miniature Tigers - Black Magic EP (Indie)
Miniature Tigers - Octopus EP (Indie)
Miniature Tigers - Tell It To The Volcano (Indie)
Mr. Willis Of Ohio - Eure Welt (Screamo)
Myra Lee - 2 (Screamo)
Myra Lee - S/T (Screamo)

Nationale - Demo (Screamo)
Nikad - S/T (Screamo)

Only For The Sake Of Aching - Robotic Society (Screamo)
Only For The Sake Of Aching - Thus Far (2005-2008) (Screamo)

Phoenix Bodies - Mutton Dagger (Screamo)

Raein - Il N'y A Pas D'Orchestre (Screamo)
Reaction-Reaction! - Discografa (Screamo)

The Saddest Landscape - A Promise Was Made (Screamo)
The Saddest Landscape - Lift Your Burdens High, For This Is Where We Cross (Screamo)
The Saddest Landscape - The Sound Of The Spectacle (Screamo)
Sed Non Satiata - Le Ciel De Notre Enfance (Screamo)
She Notes The Chariots - Tour Demo CDR (Screamo)
Someplace To Hide - Shouting, "Saintly Not Ghostly!" (Screamo)
Speaker Gain Teardrop - Particle Protocol (Post-Rock)

Tang - Another Thousand Days, Out Of This World (Screamo)
Tang - This Quietness Booms About On The Walls (Screamo)
Telekolleg - S/T (Emo Violence)
Thoughts Paint The Sky - S/T (Acoustic Screamo)
Throw Me The Statue - Moon Beams (Indie Pop)

Under The Waves - Demo (Screamo)
United Nations - S/T (Screamo)

Vorwärts schöner Weltenkotzer - Demo (Screamo)

Yfere - Demo (Screamo)
Yfere - Osterweiterung EP (Screamo)

Zann - For The Kids, By The Kids (Discography) (Screamo)
Zann - Three Years In The Desert (Screamo)